Trail Horses

Many people contact me asking for help in locating “just a trail horse” for them to buy. Those of us who have ridden for many years realize that a good, sound, dependable trail horse is very hard to find and literally worth its weight in gold. They will quietly and safely negotiate stream crossings, wooden bridges, or rocky and steep trails at a brisk walk without prancing or throwing their heads. They don’t spook often and willingly try to do everything we ask of them. At the end of the dusty, sweaty, strenuous day they hobble or highline, relax (and not jump around nor try to paw a hole to China), will drink out of a bucket or creek, and are ready to go out again the next morning without a “cold back” or needing to be longed for 15 minutes. According to their owners, there are several very good trail horses listed below. Click on the names of the horses for details below.

Me Splash A Color

“Splash” has outstanding cow-sense, brains and athletic ability on both sides of her excellent pedigree. She is quiet, sensible, gentle (for a novice, amateur or intermediate rider) under saddle and very mannerly and respectful on the ground. Read more

Me Me Hickory

MeMe was bred, raised and trained by a professional horsemen who has owned, shown and been promoting quality cutting horses for over 50 years. More than 150 AQHA horses which are well-bred and talented cutting horses from this ranch have been shipped to Germany, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas. Read more

Major Paradise

Major has excellent conformation, with a beautiful head, plenty of muscle, straight legs and nice bone with solid hooves that he inherited through his bloodlines which were some of the BEST in the Northwest a few years ago. Major is very nicely trained and was shown English and western years ago, but mostly ridden on trails for the last few years with his current owners. Read more

Marauder’s Bonnie Lassie

‘Belle’ is a very nice, healthy, 17-year-old naturally smooth-gaited Tennessee Walker mare. She has excellent conformation with straight well-boned clean legs and solid, hard feet. Foaled in Wyoming, Belle has done a bit of everything in her life including being shown at halter and flat-shod gaited classes when younger AND producing two beautiful, classy foals. Read more

Sugar’s Mocha Mist

Have you ever watched or competed in the Extreme Mountain Trail challenge which is held yearly in Eugene, Oregon? It is really something and that is Sugar’s specialty. Sugar is an un-papered 2001 mare who we think is probably a Paint or Paint cross. She grew up on the range in rugged eastern Oregon, and was brought in to start her training as a 3-year-old. Read more