I have advertised many hundreds if not thousands of horses for sale over the last fifteen years. Most have sold through my efforts and several found new homes through their owner’s personal contacts. Following are several testimonials from previous clients regarding my efforts, knowledge and integrity when trying to help horse owners find their horse a loving, appropriate new home.

Cyndy & Bruce

Seriously Folks!.. I just have to put in a good word for Carol and her Central Oregon Horse website. We had an older gelding and mammoth mule “duo’ that we were adamant about keeping together and needed to find the perfect home for them. Carol went to work getting pictures taken, and tons of information on each one’s trail habits and personality. She wanted to know everything she could about them to find a perfect home. While this is Carol’s business, she also has a passion for animals that shows in the integrity and kindness she displays while doing her work. She screened many interested buyers until she found what turned out to be the perfect family. When Carol contacted us she had enough information about the interested party for us to decide if they might be a fit for us. Honestly….we could not have asked for more for our trusty trail companions.

Thank you Carol for all your dedication and hard work. You truly have a gift for what you do!

Bend, OR November 2012

Nansee B

I had tried to sell my Tennessee Walker and Rocky Mt horses on Dream Horse. I posted pictures and descriptions of both horses and had a few callers. Within a couple of months, we had some buyers from the Valley who came, rode bought and took them back to the Valley. Within a few days they called us and had been having trouble with the feeding and saddle of both horses. We realized our horses had not been paired with the owners that these horses required and asked them to return them for a full refund.

After they got back I contacted Carol and asked her to work her magic, boy did she ever! She screened every single call and had more information about prospective buyers than I know about my kids! She sold both my horses to the same home (which we loved) in less than 2 months. The people that bought our horses are the perfect fit and are now our friends. Carol is worth her weight in gold!

Bend, OR June 2012


Carol of Central Oregon Horse has done it again! Five years ago Carol found the perfect home for a really nice gelding I wanted to sell; silly me thinking I needed more of a challenge. Recently I decided to sell my mare due to lack of time to ride her enough to keep her conditioned and going well. In less than a week, Carol found a qualified and interested buyer and a good sale to an excellent home @ a mutually satisfactory price and in a challenging market. I know that I can count on Carol to get the job done and successfully market my horses and carefully screen potential buyers so that my time is well spent in showing the horses. I believe if you have a quality animal Carol will waste no time in finding a quality buyer for your horse and I feel fortunate to have her expertise to call upon and highly endorse her service…

Bend, OR August 2011

Vicki Ross

Carol, I just want to thank you for all the time, effort and energy you put forth in helping us find the perfect home for our two beautiful paint geldings. As you know, we were THRILLED to be able to send them both together to a wonderful new family, that will love them and take care of them as we have done. It is through YOUR patience, persistence and love in general for horses, that allowed you to help us place them in just the right home! It is with gratitude and appreciation that I thank you for your unique talent, it has been greatly appreciated from myself and my family! We look forward to working with you again!

 Burbank, WA June 2011

The Brobsts’

Carol, Last year in July of 09 I was looking for a draft horse on every horse website I could find, and you would be surprised how hard it was to find one. On your website I saw the love of my life, a 7 year old Shire named Junior. He was beautiful. I emailed you and you helped to assist me as well as his previous owner in meeting up so I could see him. So I drove up from our home in Junction city to their home in Sisters and fell in love. Without using you and your website as a go between we would not have our wonderful horse whose name is now “Diesel.” We ride him, our 8 year old boy currently rides him, and a 4 month old daughter who has sat on him. He is a member of our family, and we will have him until the day he dies. After all, buying a horse is the only chance one has to pick their own family member. Without you we would not have our beautiful boy Diesel.

Thank you Carol, , Junction City, OR

Karen Woodward

I have been a client of Carol’s for about 7 years. She has helped me sell several horses and we made sure they each went to good homes and would be used appropriately for their ages, training levels, abilities, and the same for the owners. She does not waste anyone’s time and does a thorough preview of the horse, trailer, or any other item sold from her web site. My three-year-old Paint gelding was almost 17 hands and was in need of chiropractic care due to a problem that he came home with from a trainer. Carol recommended a lady that is the best I have ever seen work to this day. The woman who bought this horse came from California, looking for the perfect horse for her. We knew my fella was it, but she also showed the client a number of other horses. I have been impressed by Carol’s honesty on the part of the seller and the client. I have recommended a number of other friends to use Carol’s site and they have all been pleased. I am hoping the treatments I am having on my back will leave me with the ability to take short rides. If not, I would not list my dear gelding with anyone except Carol.

Terrebonne, OR

Nonnie H.

Carol, my Friend, Your expertise in knowing what’s needed to “present” a horse for sale was impressive. The wide exposure of your web site gave “Lark” the best chance possible of finding a new home. I had confidence on putting her sale into experienced hands. “Lark” found a lovely new “Mom”, thanks to you.

Sweet Home, OR

Susanne J. Rosen

I have known Carol at Central Oregon Horse for many years, and as a horsewoman, kind and honest spirit, you can do no better. I got to know her when she volunteered to host our non-profit group through a saddle club property and we have remained in contact over the past 10 years. When we closed down our public horse rentals, Carol was happy to help us find kind and loving homes for our gentle equine friends. She screened prospective buyers on our behalf, and even brought buyers (a 100 mile journey) to look at a horse they were interested in. When we followed up on one horse she helped us sell several years later, the owners still had him and in fact said to us first thing ‘You can’t have him back”.

Carol does really care about connecting the right seller and buyer. Unlike some online horse sale sites, she understands that you (the seller) care about your horse and want the ‘right’ home, not just a quick sale, for a ‘junk’ horse.

I have recommended Carol to everyone I know who is interested in not only selling their horse, but in finding the right home and the right buyer for their horse.

Executive Director
Adaptive Riding Institute

Joan J.

Hi Carol – Want to thank you for all your help selling our horses and our Jack. You did a great job and even came here to look over our operation and meet the (gang). You really work hard for us.

Mt. Vernon, OR

Marsha Chinn

Hi Carol.
I needed to add to the testimonials on your sight, so here I am. I first viewed Ebony, and fell in love with her over the Internet. I wrote you and lucked out because you knew her personally. I was given oodles of info on her, but then needed to get her from Arizona to Redmond Oregon. I called a professional transporter, who left me high and dry. You came to the rescue and brought her home to us. I know she was meant to be here because she has turned out to be a super horse, and a gentle giant of a friend. All your efforts brought us together and that kind of service is hard to get anywhere nowadays. Now, I avoid your site… so many great horses, at good prices, but four is enough for just two people…I would have a hundred if I could afford the care.

Love ya Carol, and thanks again,


Nancy L Vernon

I have used Carol with her site centraloregonhorse to help me sell at least four horses. I find her professional and helpful helping me get pictures and word the advertising. It is good to have someone field the calls and weed out the just want to talk ones. Through her site I have had not just local calls, but calls from Alaska and as far east as Oklahoma. To try on my own to cover local and national papers and magazines is way too expensive. If I ever need to sell another horse, Carol would be the first person I would call.

Bend, OR


Carol…thanks for selling that last paint for me. This seemed to be like the first paint you sold for me; you found a perfect buyer. Appreciate the nice job you did for me on both of these horses. Next horse I have for sale, I will be contacting you again.

Thanks again….

Wickenburg, AZ

Mikki Krohn

We were so excited to meet Carol and have her help sell our horses. Due to my Husbands illness we were forced to sell our horses. Carol worked very hard for us and found us fabulous homes for our loving horses. I am forever indebted to her for her hard work and help at such a hard time in our lives!

Thank You Carol!

Sun River, OR

Miriam Tyson

Hi Carol,

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and your web site. It has been fifteen years we have been selling horses together. I have met some wonderful horse people along the way. Sold horse to places I have never been. Carol you make it easier for me. Making sure buyers are looking at a horse they can afford and enjoy. Your web site is so user friendly I look at it all the time just to see what you have. I will use your service whenever I need to sell a horse because it works for me.

Thanks for all your hard work.

La Pine, OR

Penny G. and Finnegan

Hi everyone, I just want to share this with you all. Carol did an outstanding job of finding my fancy special boy Finnegan a new home….and within ONE week! Can you believe that! She saved me from all the people that I didn’t want to deal with, knowing what type of home I was looking for she was able to screen the ones that wouldn’t work. So don’t hesitate about giving Carol a chance to find your loving friend a good home. She will always be my first choice when looking to sell OR buy!

Thanks Carol for all your help!

Walla Walla, WA


F. Brummer

A few years back I needed to find good homes for three young horses. I contacted Carol at centraloregonhorse.com and she placed them on her website. She found homes for them all! Since then, I have come to respect Carol as a very well versed resource in the horse industry. She also has an amazing gift for matching horses with buyers and vice versa. I would highly recommend Carol for finding your horse a home. I know that I will be listing with her next time I have a horse for sale.

Prineville, OR



L. Hanson

Carol had an ad on CL looking for a horse, and I replied about mine. It was not a match for her, but she offered to try to sell the mare for me. I had already paid the fee to have it in a Paint auction that was less than a month away. I agreed to let Carol try to sell her in the mean time, though. She worded an ad better than I could have, fielded calls, screened potential buyers, and only sent one person to me, who came to my place and bought the horse. It was effortless on my part, and I got more than I hoped to get at the auction. I delivered the horse so I knew where it was going, and that the intent was to show her. I assumed in this economy I would not get anything near what I paid, but that was not true. The commission was no more than I would have paid at an auction, and I would have had to haul the horse and spend a day waiting my turn to ride her into an unfamiliar sale ring, and hoping for the best and fearing the worst.

I appreciated Carol’s offer to help, and she really pulled through for me.

Madras, OR

Diane LaBant

What can I say about Carol and Central Oregon Horse.com? I can honestly say, “It changed my life,,,,,, well my HORSE LIFE”. I was one of those, “Did not know what I did not know” about horses, horse people. Never owned a horse, but dreamed about owning one my ENTIRE life. Randomly I contacted Carol and told her my dream, “Have my daughter and her horse grow up together.” I CRINGE every time someone says that same Stupid thing to me (the people who have never owned a horse and do not know how BAD an idea that is). I would have to say the Carol saved my daughters life, if not my own. She explained SO MANY things about horses that I had no idea existed!!! Though we found a horse through other friends, without Carol’s guidance I NEVER would have known what to look for in a horse. I also look back now and realize how ignorant I was about horses and how Carol took the time to take my hand and slowly lead me through the world of horses. She never made me feel stupid or ignorant and I am grateful that somehow she came into my life. I will ALWAYS be grateful for her advice and guidance (in life as well as in my Horse Life).

Sherwood, OR

Val H.

Hi Carol,

Just wanted to let you know that even tho you didn’t find buyers for my horses, I think you did an excellent job trying. I realize the horse that we gave away was one that had issues no-one would be willing to buy and take chances he would actually turn out lame. Even tho he was sound as far as we were concerned, having a vet check that brought up doubts was working against us. We did not have to take the option to haul him to the sale and watch someone lead him away that may not have given him a good home. You lose a certain amount of control over that at a sale. The other horse was just maybe priced too high for todays market, and his level of training. I believed the price was fair because I really know this horse . I believe he has potential that I am not physically able to give him and am not rich enough to pay someone else to do.

Spray, OR

Elaine W.

While my husband and I were living in Bend and had a perfect home for a couple of trail horses we came across Carol’s website. Before we found her we had experiences with a couple of horse ‘brokers’ – one in Eugene and one in the Yakima area. One of those was horrible, the other strictly business who said “Buy a horse from me and you can always exchange it.” Good idea, but she never took the time to learn about us or the horses she was trading. We took back so many I cannot remember, and she still ‘owes’ us a horse but we tired of dealing with her. Then we discovered Carol. Buying or selling, she is a pleasure to deal with. In fact, she has become a dear friend. When listing your horse she’ll take pictures, get to know your horse (good and bad) and what your experiences with it have been and why you are selling. And, she is an excellent writer. She is an excellent horse woman. Her life experiences with horses is obvious. Just look at her descriptions on her website. You can tell by reading about a horse if it might work for you. An incredible time saver for both sellers and buyers. If you are a novice, she would be especially helpful I would think. Get Carol on your side when you buy or sell. I am surprised at how affordable her assistance is too boot. Besides that, she has a great sense of humor, is always accessible and anyone would be wise to enlist her assistance, especially in this tough economy. She will help you find a great home for your equine friend, or contact you when you’re looking if she sees a good fit.

Olympia, WA