Miller Mules

Miller Mules up by Sheridan, Wyoming, has several handsome, well-broke mules (including a few mollies) they are wanting to sell to cut back on their herd. Just too many mules to ride and/or pack and not enough hours in the day for a hard-working family to enjoy and keep them all going honestly. We have several of their mules below with a brief note about their dispositions, ride ability plus any issues we are aware of at this time. Their prices will vary quite a bit; but if you are a real mule person and want to make a good, solid, reasonable offer on any… their owner is always willing to listen. If you don’t see just what you want here, I can contact Miller Mules and see if they own or know of another good mule which may suit you. At this time they have no gated mules.

Patches – what a pretty molly… could show?


This nice young gal is the most ‘fancy’, colorful and eye-catching molly of the group. She is sweet, kind, good with her ears and feet with a gentle yet firm person. Patches is a coming 6-year-old; stands 15 hands; is good to handle, packs, drags brush, and is well-broke to ride but is not for a rough nor loud rider/handler. She will need a quiet and knowledgeable mule-lover to keep moving along with her in the right direction. She has never been abused and is sensitive; if you wear spurs and poke her with them, she will take off at a run . She is athletic and quick, crosses water well and of course, is sure footed in all types of country. We believe that with the right new owner, she could prove to be one of the best mules they have ever owned.

Price: $5,000 (Sold)