About Us

Welcome to Central Oregon Horse!

In the 1990’s I bred and raised a few nice Quarter Horses and Paints here in the Bend area and had a hard time selling my own good horses locally, so began advertising them on the Internet in the late 1990’s. I discovered that by being very honest and candid about each horse, I could find them great new homes throughout the USA and beyond through the Internet. With my success I started having lots of friends and acquaintances ask for my help in finding good new homes for their horses. Since beginning my business, CENTRAL OREGON HORSE, and marketing services in 1999, I have helped many hundreds of other owners sell their horses throughout the United States and Canada and even one nice AQHA mare sold to France.

I have owned and ridden horses for over 50 years, am retired and now have the time necessary to place ads in various locations on the Internet and monitor all inquiries in a timely manner. In addition to putting a sale horse’s photos and information on my website, I place advertising on several other horse-sale sites as well. I individually market each horse and I act as a go-between to put potential buyers in touch with horse owners/sellers who either don’t have a computer or the time or skills to promote their horses on the Internet, or don’t want to deal with the tire-kickers or children who just waste their time. I charge just $35 to list each horse and a non-refundable commission of 8.5% of the final sale amount or $100, whichever is greater, immediately following the transaction if the sale came as a result of my services. I actively market each horse online for four months and welcome new photos or any updating information on the horses. All update’s during that four-month period are included in the listing fee, so are free. If the owner sells their horse through another means, they owe me no further money; I just ask that the owner let me know of the sale immediately so I can delete the horse from my site and the other sites upon which I may have placed advertising.

Initially I was only listing horses living in the central Oregon area (thus the name of my business/website “CENTRAL OREGON HORSE”), but I am now helping to advertise and sell horses from all northwestern States.


Central Oregon Horse is solely an advertising provider and marketing agent. Therefore, Central Oregon Horse shall not be held liable for any misrepresentations, errors, or omissions made by its customers, the owners/agents of the horses listed upon this site. Furthermore, Central Oregon Horse shall not enter into any form of dispute mediation between advertisers and purchasers. Any and all disputes between advertisers and purchasers shall be the sole responsibility of the advertiser and purchaser.