Trail Horses

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Many people contact me asking for help in locating "just a trail horse" for them to buy. Those of us who have ridden for many years realize that a good, sound, dependable trail horse is very hard to find and literally worth its weight in gold. They will safely negotiate stream crossings, wooden bridges, or rocky and steep trails at a brisk walk without prancing or throwing their heads. They don't spook often and willingly try to do everything we ask of them. At the end of the dusty, sweaty, strenuous day they hobble or highline, will drink out of a bucket or creek, and are ready to go out again the next morning without a "cold back" or needing to be longed for 15 minutes. According to their owners, there are several  good trail horses listed below. Click on the names of the horses for sale below for information and please remember to "refresh" or "reload" each visit for the most recent updates.

MILLER MULES - a few handsome, well-broke Mules in Wyoming. VIDEO

ME ME HICKORY - well-trained/2006 AQHA mare VIDEO







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